• trentblur

    Trent Dabbs is a true, musical renaissance man. First and foremost, he's a singer/songwriter. But he's also a visionary and a much sought-after co-writer. He just has a way with a song.

  • LAW-Roadcases450

    Lee Ann Womack makes the kind of country music that country used to be -- the kind of country that sings about heartaches, not tailgates. And it's the kind of country that proves how much she still has to offer and how ready she is to offer it.

  • lord_huron450

    While Lord Huron's airy and dusty Western vibe is still very much intact on the new record, Ben Schneider expands his musical and lyrical repertoire enough to keep things lively and fun.

  • wodlive450

    The War on Drugs' Lost in a Dream documents the emotional turmoil and torment of frontman/songwriter Adam Granduciel in sweeping, swirling soundscapes that go on and on, deeply ruminative paeans to surveying and surviving the wreckage of a life in broad daylight.

  • altjcrop

    After their debut album, An Awesome Wave, crashed on our shores, so began the world's fascination with ∆. Even Miley Cyrus was a fan. Now, alt-J is back with This All Is Yours.

  • combshaircrop

    On previous efforts, including 2012's Worried Man, Combs showcased his knack for songwriting and his penchant for timelessness. All These Dreams delivers on those promises … and then some.

  • bcbig

    For Brandi Carlile, her voice is the instrument through which she pays respect to life and love, to icons and idols. And, 10 years on, her story is a part of musical history still in the making.

  • joanbackcrop

    Joan Osborne, man. Joan Osborne. She's a singer's singer. No matter the era, no matter the genre, any song she lays her voice upon is made that much more glorious by her presence.

  • cloudscrop

    Filled with confessions and communiqués in the guise of pop songs, Mary Lambert's Heart on My Sleeve finds the singer wearing her heart and, indeed, everything else on her sleeve.

  • ani960

    While Ani DiFranco's latest release, Allergic to Water, may seem more peaceful than a lot of her works, it's no less puissant. No longer someone who is living in clip, DiFranco offers a languid meditation on life as she knows it, in this moment... not the next.

  • antony2 960

    Antony and the Johnsons partnered with Charles Atlas for a remarkable performance piece called Turning. Now, the piece is being released as a DVD and CD in hopes that it finds a broader audience... and that's all Antony has ever dreamed of for this magical and transformative project.

  • lenny-450

    For 25 years now, Lenny Kravitz has maintained a level of cool and creativity that few others have been able to match. How does he do it? He just feels and follows.

  • OK GO on the set of The Writing's On The Wall

    OK Go's videos are their calling cards, often over-shadowing the music itself. But, really, the two elements define and depend upon each other. That's the secret of their creative alchemy.

  • annie-suit-450

    On Nostalgia, Annie Lennox summons her quiet strength and subtle persistence to embrace and inhabit the ghosts that continue to echo through each chorus and verse of these classic songs.

  • sinead450

    As one of the clearest, most poignant voices Gen X has, even though Sinéad O'Connor's new album is a collection of love songs, there's an inherent urgency and a potency to the set that few other artists can match.

High Rolling: An Interview with Trent Dabbs

Posted on Apr 24, 2015 in Artist Interviews
High Rolling: An Interview with Trent Dabbs

Trent Dabbs is a true, musical renaissance man. First and foremost, he’s a singer/songwriter with his own solo career, as well as a duo project — Sugar + the Hi-Lows — with Amy Stroup. But he’s also a visionary. Along with his wife Kristen, Dabbs founded the Ten Out of Tenn artists’ collective and Ready […]

Allison Moorer: Down to Believing

Posted on Apr 23, 2015 in Album Reviews
Allison Moorer: Down to Believing

In listening to Allison Moorer’s Down to Believing, a Wim Wenders quote comes to mind: “My advice is, don’t spend your money on therapy. Spend it in a record store.” Here, Moorer puts her own spin on that. Whether or not she spent any time in therapy to get through the dissolution of her marriage […]

Five Questions: The Weepies

Posted on Apr 22, 2015 in Artist Interviews
Five Questions: The Weepies

Deb Talan and Steve Tannen (aka the Weepies) have had quite a go of it lately. Over the past five years, the husband-wife duo has stayed at home in Iowa raising three kids, beating breast cancer, and recording an album — Sirens. The name is a tip of the hat to both sweet-voiced muses and […]

The Way She’s Livin': An Interview with Lee Ann Womack

Posted on Apr 20, 2015 in Artist Interviews
The Way She’s Livin': An Interview with Lee Ann Womack

To really understand the Lee Ann Womack story, you have to start at the beginning, in the small East Texas town of Jacksonville and with the music that was on country radio at the time — including the station where her father worked as a DJ. It was the era of “real” country music from […]

Five Questions: The Honeycutters

Posted on Apr 17, 2015 in Artist Interviews
Five Questions: The Honeycutters

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, the Honeycutters live the roots life all the way through… even releasing their upcoming Me Oh My LP on Organic Records. With singer/songwriter — and, now, producer — Amanda Platt at the helm, the group puts their own spin on an old form. Sure, there’s a timeless quality to honest […]

The Weepies Keep It Simple with a “Crooked Smile”

Posted on Apr 15, 2015 in Song Premieres
The Weepies Keep It Simple with a “Crooked Smile”

Even though they’ve not been touring at all, the past few years have been full to overflowing for the Weepies — a new baby and a battle with breast cancer kept them off the road. Somewhere between going through all of that and coming out the other side, the husband-wife duo of Deb Talan and […]