• combshaircrop

    On previous efforts, including 2012's Worried Man, Combs showcased his knack for songwriting and his penchant for timelessness. All These Dreams delivers on those promises … and then some.

  • Marling960

    In a self-imposed exile in L.A., Laura Marling found inspiration in the everyday lives around her, then transformed and translated them into her grittiest, densest work yet.

  • bcbig

    For Brandi Carlile, her voice is the instrument through which she pays respect to life and love, to icons and idols. And, 10 years on, her story is a part of musical history still in the making.

  • kateblackPR.v2960

    Kate Pierson's Guitars and Microphones is a refreshing pop pastiche, a solid “debut” for the… get this… 66-year-old who plans to hit the road soon to support the set.

  • joanos-960x640

    Joan Osborne, man. Joan Osborne. She's a singer's singer. No matter the era, no matter the genre, any song she lays her voice upon is made that much more glorious by her presence.

  • cloudscrop

    Filled with confessions and communiqués in the guise of pop songs, Mary Lambert's Heart on My Sleeve finds the singer wearing her heart and, indeed, everything else on her sleeve.

  • ani960

    While Ani DiFranco's latest release, Allergic to Water, may seem more peaceful than a lot of her works, it's no less puissant. No longer someone who is living in clip, DiFranco offers a languid meditation on life as she knows it, in this moment... not the next.

  • antony2 960

    Antony and the Johnsons partnered with Charles Atlas for a remarkable performance piece called Turning. Now, the piece is being released as a DVD and CD in hopes that it finds a broader audience... and that's all Antony has ever dreamed of for this magical and transformative project.

  • J K dj 960

    When most bands knock a surprise hit out of the park, they'll do everything they can to replicate that success on their next at-bat. But the Ting Tings aren't most bands.

  • stars-450

    Stars have long crafted a sound that is unlike any other. It is compellingly literate, melodically elegant music made by and for the pop sophisticates among us.

  • lenny-450

    For 25 years now, Lenny Kravitz has maintained a level of cool and creativity that few others have been able to match. How does he do it? He just feels and follows.

  • OK GO on the set of The Writing's On The Wall

    OK Go's videos are their calling cards, often over-shadowing the music itself. But, really, the two elements define and depend upon each other. That's the secret of their creative alchemy.

  • annie-suit-450

    On Nostalgia, Annie Lennox summons her quiet strength and subtle persistence to embrace and inhabit the ghosts that continue to echo through each chorus and verse of these classic songs.

  • brucehornsby

    In an age when so many pop stars are auto-tuned, if not ghosted, Bruce Hornsby continues to challenge himself and his audiences -- something he's done for the better part of 30 years now.

  • Lisa-Fischer_450

    Watching Lisa Fischer perform, you can only conclude that she is a conduit of expression to and from another world. The experience is a spiritual one as much as it is a musical one.

  • sinead450

    As one of the clearest, most poignant voices Gen X has, even though Sinéad O'Connor's new album is a collection of love songs, there's an inherent urgency and a potency to the set that few other artists can match.

  • lpbig-450

    To call Linda Perry anything less than a Renaissance woman would miss the point. She's a singer, songwriter, musician, producer, engineer, record executive, philanthropist, and, now, reality TV star. But the whole of who she is is so much greater than the sum of all those parts.

  • lp450

    From Mick Jagger to Joan Jett, rock stars are a distinct breed. They are all of the other archetypes rolled up into one irresistibly charismatic, implausibly appealing ball. If ever there was a box in which to put LP, that would be it.

Lord Huron: Strange Trails

Posted on Mar 31, 2015 in Album Reviews
Lord Huron: Strange Trails

On the new Strange Trails, Lord Huron picks up right where Lonesome Dreams left off… with impossibly catchy melodies, emphatically fanciful lyrics, and intriguingly hazy production. Lord Huron has a very specific, radio-ready sound that emerges somewhere between the crisp acoustic guitars and Ben Schneider’s layered vocals, and which owes a solid debt to My […]

Nothing to Prove: An Interview with alt-J’s Gus Unger-Hamilton

Posted on Mar 30, 2015 in Artist Interviews
Nothing to Prove: An Interview with alt-J’s Gus Unger-Hamilton

Back in 2007, a group of English and Fine Art students at Leeds University came together to form a band. When they graduated, the guys (Gwil Sainsbury, Joe Newman, Thom Green, and Gus Unger-Hamilton) moved to Cambridge and really got down to it. signing with Infectious Records and releasing an EP that would, eventually, evolve […]

Five Questions: Pokey LaFarge

Posted on Mar 27, 2015 in Artist Interviews
Five Questions: Pokey LaFarge

Pokey LaFarge may have been a slow kid, but he sure is a quick study. Growing up in Normal, Illinois, he found inspiration in guys like John Steinbeck, Muddy Waters, Ernest Hemingway, Willie Dixon, Jack Kerouac , and Bill Monroe. After high school, the aspiring songwriter hitchhiked his way around the country. Add all that […]

It’s All Good for Kate Pierson

Posted on Mar 26, 2015 in Feature Stories
It’s All Good for Kate Pierson

It’s hard to believe that the B-52s will mark their 40th anniversary next year. With one of the most recognizable voices in any generation floating atop some of the most classic novelty songs in all of music, one of the band’s founding members, Kate Pierson, long ago carved out her place in the pop pantheon. […]

Best Round Ever: Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne at Tin Pan South

Posted on Mar 25, 2015 in Concert Reviews
Best Round Ever: Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne at Tin Pan South

In Nashville, there are great songwriters and big hitmakers. In the space where those two populations overlap, that’s where you’ll find Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne. And what an absolute pleasure it was to spend a Tin Pan South evening with them at 3rd & Lindsley, a show that Clark dubbed Two Gays […]

Laura Marling: Short Movie

Posted on Mar 24, 2015 in Album Reviews
Laura Marling: Short Movie

Laura Marling, the British songstress who released four records in five years, returns with her fifth, Short Movie, later this month. After that flurry of activity, Marling spent a couple of years in a self-imposed exile in Los Angeles surrounded by people who made art for art’s sake and nothing more. The experience recalibrated and renewed her […]