Molly Sarlé: Karaoke Angel

Whether paradoxes or purgatory, liminal states of existence make people uneasy. Most folks like their status quo binary world of black or white, not black and white or, for heaven’s sake, GREY. That would be sheer chaos wrapped in pure madness for those who can’t even handle circles in their square lives. Well, with Karaoke […]

Pieta Brown: Freeway

Good art draws you into its world, fully and intentionally, to the point that, even upon completing your immersive cycle, you don’t yet want to leave. Film and television have a lot more to work with, in terms of composing their own aesthetic universe, but albums, too, can create aural worlds unto themselves. Singer/songwriter Pieta […]

Billy Strings: Home

Though music journalists — and dictionaries — generally consider “song” and “tune” to be synonyms, real-deal pickers and players make a distinction: “Songs” have lyrics; “tunes” don’t. In some bluegrass and old-time circles, though, the lyrics feel like afterthoughts, just easy ways to turn fast-picking tunes into sing-able songs whether or not anyone in the […]