Kaia Kater: Grenades

“You know me. Ain’t you seen me before?” Kaia Kater asks in “The Heavenly Track,” off her new release, Grenades. She answers with, “I’m the comfort of the stranger in the writings on the stall.” The album is full of quietly explosive lines like that, details of life rendered with precision, purpose, and poetry. “I […]

Katie Herzig: Moment of Bliss

Katie Herzig’s new album, Moment of Bliss, starts with a simple question: “How do you talk about a feeling, when you don’t know where it lives inside?” With that satisfyingly simple dream-pop gem, Herzig invites you into a song cycle that asks you to feel something the whole way through. Fair warning: With this collection, […]

Will Dailey: Golden Walker

Songwriters, by their very nature, move through life not only from the inside out, but also from the outside in. They look and listen at the worlds within and around them, pulling it all in and pouring it all out in melody. The barriers between personal and political, fact and fiction, us and them do […]