Madison Cunningham: Who Are You Now

Though more prevalent with more years to their credit, neither talent nor wisdom can be exclusively tied to age. Sometimes artists come out of the gate fairly fully formed with enough of both to really make a statement. Fiona Apple certainly did, as well as Brandi Carlile. More recently, Jade Bird joined that list. And […]

Humbird: Pharmakon

Not everyone likes to be challenged by their music of choice. Some are content to put an album or playlist on and let it run its course as a musical backdrop to whatever forefront activity they are undertaking. And that is an absolutely fine way to listen. Others, though, like to lock arms with an […]

Jonah Tolchin: Fires for the Cold

Watching talented young musicians get off to a great start then continue to grow into the truest versions of themselves is a wonderful thing. Some emerge fairly fully formed, while others need a bit more time and space, as they roam through various genres and try on various styles. When Clover Lane came out in […]