As streaming music, online playlists, and photo collections quickly become the norm for this millennium’s media mechanisms, the accompanying journalism needs to keep up. On the other side, the need for lifestyle marketing keeps bumping up against the deployment of ad-blocking software and an “everything is free” attitude.

To bridge that divide, TKDubs conceives, creates, and curates original, high-quality, music-related content for today’s digital portals with connection between your brand and your audience in mind.

Audio: Podcasts, radio shows, playlists, compilations, and collaborations available via radio stations, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, NoiseTrade, and all the rest

Written: Artist interviews, think pieces, features, album reviews, concert reviews, op-eds, and more disseminated through media partners like Rolling Stone Country, No Depression, NPR Music, Folk Alley, and others

Video: Web series, YouTube playlists, Facebook Live streams, TV shows, one-off whatevers

Visual: Photo series for Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr…

Live: Concerts, events, tours, festivals, workshops

With a firm footing already gained in the written and podcast/radio realm, TKDubs is now reaching higher. We call our most original offering “playcasts,” and they are the streaming equivalent of a radio show. A combo playlist/podcast that mixes hosted interview/talk segments with curated music, playcasts are shareable, embeddable, scalable, brandable, portable, and flexible. Though playcasts are hosted on Spotify, Rdio, and Apple Music, our cross-media outreach also leverages popular music sites in order to get more ears on your content.

Our broad slate of original playcasts spans the weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly variety, covering current releases, musical legends, artistic influences, early inspirations, obscure scenes, world cultures, and more. Think along the lines of Fresh Air with Terry Gross or WTF with Marc Maron… but exclusively for music. Real people having real conversations about real music.